About us


  1. Hafelekar Peak,
    2,334 m, the landmark mountain of Innsbruck. The Innsbruck „Nordkettenbahnen” Cableways take you from Hungerburg up to Seegrube Mountain; from there, you can ride all the way up to Hafelekar Peak. During the summer, it is a hitch hiking area offering numerous hikings paths in all degrees of difficulty. During the winter it is a European snowboarder metropolis with varying pistes with slope inclinations of 40 degrees and more.
  2. Management consultancy,
    founded in 2001 and located in Neulengbach since 2019. We have taken the mountain – at least its name – with us. The focus of Hafelekar Unternehmensberatung’s activities is on organizational and human resources development, innovation management, regional development, qualitative and quantitative social research and project management.

The three main areas are business, education and social affairs.


We combine business management and social science expertise to offer a wide range of services in the areas of strategy, organisational- and human resource development, project- and innovation management.

We are successful in creating values that endure in a rapidly changing economic and working world.


love to learn
Life is learning and loving, both of which we combine in our love to learn.

Our understanding of learning goes far beyond qualification and competence building. We understand education as an engagement with ourselves and our environment. As such, education as a political concept, is closely related to social values and individual convictions.

Social affairs

We research, collect, analyse and report in order to show connections as a basis for our approaches to action and strategies. Our goal is to develop new ideas, models, measures and processes that contribute to solving social problems.

We empower people, our results are always comprehensible, understandable, implementable and well-founded.
We are promoters in the implementation of social innovations!