holistic approach inventing to European staff solutions

The project developed and implemented holistic, modular trainings in the area of information and communication technology. These trainings included modules of the following areas:

  • professional expertise (network technology, web-design, database development., e-commerce, etc.)
  • social competence (entrepreneurship, communication training, project management, etc.)
  • transfer competence (internships with partner companies, training firms)

In particular, a method was developed to survey skills and competences – also for those which were not acquired within formal education or at work. For the participants, the results served as a basis for individual learning paths. Hafelekar consulting conceived this project, as well as it had a consulting and assisting role in its implementation phase.

Project duration

October 2000 till September 2002

Projects Partners

S&P Simulationstechnik GmbH – Innsbruck (Austria)
Area Network (Spain)
Camera Work Group – Jesi bei Ancona (Italy)
Computer Technology Institute – Patras (Greece)
Luton Business School – Luton (UK)
Hafelekar Unternehmensberatung (Austria)
Zukunftszentrum Tirol (Austria)