qualitativ and quantitativ demand study for Geschützte Werkstätte Tirol

The GW Tirol (Geschützten Werkstätte Integrative Betriebe Tirol GmbH) planned to establish a new facility in order to create jobs for people with disabilities. Hafelekar was commissioned to research through quantitative and qualitative methods whether the target group is large enough for it.

Therefore, in a first baseline study, the following steps were undertaken:

  • Written survey of 86 villages
  • Data collection at the Federal Social Welfare Office Tyrol
  • Data collection at the Employment Service
  • Expert Interviews with professionals from the AMS, BSD, Land Tirol Social Services and ARBAS Tirol Arbeitsassistenz

Built on this first results, a qualitative study was developed based on the following data:

  • Written survey of 200 people with disabilities in the country districts of Innsbruck, Imst, Landeck and Reutte
  • Written survey of 150 people – who have come as a target group in question
  • Telephone interviews with 33 selected individuals who have responded to the written survey and possible interest could be seen at a job.

Project duration


  • Client

GW Tirol (Geschützten Werkstätte Integrative Betriebe Tirol GmbH)