Apprenticeship Quality

The main objective of this developing partnership is the opening and stabilising of the labour market for disadvantaged youngsters.

This partnership is to help entrepreneurs, trainers and teachers in vocational schools deal with such disadvantaged youngsters and to make use of hidden potential. The network between vocational schools and firms / companies should be strengthened. Through a better co operation between firm and school youngsters should be the more supported to successfully complete their apprenticeship. The description of vocational patterns in retail dealing with its competencies should help aid a more effective advertising among youngsters and a more widespread selection procedure within trade and commerce.

Hafelekar Consulting provided a baseline study, applying the GABEK method, as a precondition for further activities. Hafelekar was further responsible for public relations and dissemination of the products.

Project duration

October 2002 till September 2005

Project Partners


Supported by funds from the European Social Fund (ESF) and the Austrian Federal Ministry for Education, Arts and Culture