Evaluation of funding opportunities for facilities of SOS Children’s Villages Austria

The project focuses on 6 consulting and therapy facilities of the SOS children´s village Austria in different provinces. The offers of these facilities vary widely; they have partly grown historically and just a small part focuses on the typical SOS target group. The aim was to evaluate the funding worthiness of these facilities regarding their allowability of performed services in order to obtain additional financial resources. Therefore, funding authorities on local, regional, national and EU-level were taken into account. In order to use the varieties of possibilities to the full, the evaluation was taking place in the following way:

  • basic research for the conflation of existing concepts and their evaluation
  • creation of a grid for the segmentation of the facilities´ offers by particular criteria, by taking under consideration their independency and field of activities
  • research of potential funding authorities on local, national and EU-level, based on the range of services
  • selection and documentation of funding possibilities

The final report was completed with the estimation regarding the probabilities of success and concrete recommendations for actions were given. SOS children´s village Austria used the final report as basis for decision-making in order to ask for third party cost absorption.

Project duration

March till October 2007


SOS Children’s Villages Austria, Department for quality management