Parents as Vocational Trainers

Main issue of the project is a further education and training for career counsellors at schools regarding the cooperation with parents of their students. The direct aim of the project is to create a training addressed to school-based vocational counsellors which would teach them how to cooperate with the parents whose children are facing the choice of their future career.

Competences of parents should get broader concerning their possibilities to support their children during the process of important decision making. Including parents to the guidance process enables a more efficient career orientation at schools. That fact should as a consequence raise the effectiveness choosing a vocational training by young people.


  1. Development and implementation of a 30-hour training course “How to cooperate with parents in shaping the vocational career of their children” for school vocational counsellors including methodological materials for trainers and teaching materials for participants.
  2. Redaction of a handbook for the parents on “How to help my child in making a vocational career decision”. Sample chapters deal with the factors of occupational career, help in decision-making, offer orientation on the labour market and give advice for the motivation of and communication with children.

Project duration

October 2006 till October 2008

Project Partners

  • Hafelekar Unternehmensberatung – Innsbruck (Austria)
  • Academy of Management – Lodz (Poland)
  • R.C.I (Research and Consultancy Institute) – Limassol (Cyprus)
  • ANNUR-Formatión-Cultura – Badajoz (Spain)
  • Jaunimo karjeros centras – Kaunas (Lithuania)