Study of social welfare organizations in Upper Austria

The scope of this research study are the structures of elderly care in Upper Austria. Questions of the request were treated methodically and professionally in respect of the scientific standards. Hereby the authors of the study should exceed a segmented view of elderly care. Moreover and in addition, concrete measures to optimize the existing systems should be proposed and evaluated. An extensive analysis includes tasks, structures, financing and efficiency of the social welfare associations. Therefor a well structured and analytically separated view at all three system levels (APH, mobile services, SHV, SO) was necessary. Althoug the central focus of the study is elderly care, additional tasks and services of the SHV (social welfare association)also considered should also be put into consideration.

The four social welfare associations Braunau, Linz-Land, Perg, Steyr-Land and Steyr have been chosen for a deepening analysis. Built on that, the situation is to be drawn on state level.

PART 1 includes the analysis of existing systems of the regional providers of social welfare. Hereby, in particular the currently performedtasks and the organization, regarding structures and processes, were analyzed, and structural particularities were brought out. All existing documents were taken into account to establish a research report.

PART 2 gives an overview of middle and long term financing. Considering prospective demographic developments and other system components a forecast calculation was prepared.

PART 3 focussed on an extensive evaluation of any possibilities to adapt the organization’s structure. Hereto all three system levels were analyzed: Mobile and stationary services, Social welfare associations and social departments in cities with an own statute


Land Oberösterreich, Social Services

Project duration

March till October 2008

Project Partners

Hafelekar Unternehmensberatung
MCI Management Center Innsbruck, Department Social Work, Department Business & Management