Margit Raich, Paul Schober, Josef Zelger (eds.)

GABEK IV – Sprachliche Strukturen, Theorie und Anwendung.
GABEK IV – Linguistic Structures, Theory and Practice

Innsbruck, Wien, Bozen: Studienverlag 2010.

ISBN: 978-3-7065-4811-3; 340 pages; €42,90

Short description:
This volume contains the results of the VII. International GABEK®-Symposia and some additional contributions.

In the first part the authors deal with linguistic structures that promote learning, understanding and recall of knowledge and experience and show how GABEK® can complement other methods as a method of textual analysis.

In the second part ‘theory’ it is shown that partial results of the GABEK® -procedure in some cases can be considered as regionally limited theories and can be tested methodically. Also it is referred to philosophical, social and economic contexts within GABEK® has a special meaning to problem solving.

Finally, the third part of “practice” describes practical applications of the GABEK® method, when it was used for identity research, the evaluation of a crisis event and to regional development.