Alternative surfaces for high frequency (HF) components

The implementation of a mobile filter by plastic technology and alternative coating (fulfilling the required electrical characteristics) means a technological leap for the entire mobile technology! The innovation of this project is therefore particularly important.

The intention of the project was to assess which alternative materials and material combinations can meet the requirements for electrical quality and passive intermodulation. Therefor, it was necessary to try and qualify a variety of coating materials and processes. The project aim was to develop a very special process to enable the production of a RF filter, hereby abstaining from galvanic plating.

In principle, this initiative project theoretically considered the possibility of alternative coating techniques over conventional copper and silver plating. Like in many research and development projects it is essential to exploit theoretical considerations in the run-up. Yet, in order to utilize the respective market opportunities, these theoretical insights have to be tested and qualified through practical functional models and test series. KATHREIN Austria is currently working on a successor project, which will also draw on the expertise of external partners to be able to test the project in practice.



Project duration

01.03.2011 to 06.30.2011