Education in Mental Health for Nurses in Home and Residential Care

EDU-MENT enhances the ability of nursing professionals to early detect and manage mental health issues through a specialized, blended-learning certificate course (5 ECTS credits).

Project Outcomes

  • Analysis of Caregiver Requirements and Needs: Comprehensive analysis of the requirements and needs of nursing professionals for early identification, monitoring, and management of clients with mental health issues.
  • Development and Evaluation of Screening Tools: Development, testing, digitalization, and evaluation of screening tools to identify mental health issues.
  • Development of Competency-Based Training: Creation of a blended-learning training program in mental health specifically designed for nurses in home care and residential facilities.
  • Organizational Development Concept: Development of a concept for the sustainable implementation of digital screening tools in nursing facilities.

Project Duration

October 2023 to September 2026

Project Partners

  • UMIT TIROL (Austria) – Website
  • UNIVERSITY OF CYPRUS (Cyprus) – Website
  • AGECARE (CYPRUS) LTD (Cyprus) – Website
  • UNIVERZA V MARIBORU (Slovenia) – Website

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