Spreading and communicating the idea of MAMED

The COMMAMED project is a Leonardo-Accompanied Measures-funded project in scope of MAMED – an international network dedicated to socially inserting vulnerable people like people with disabilities and long term unemployed persons by collecting and recycling medical devices and training concepts. COMMAMED´s aim is to communicate MAMED and spread MAMED information.

Therefore MAMED meetings were carried out in the European partner regions with institutions and/or organizations in order to exchange opinions and to elaborate possibilities to develop MAMED activities. The focus was on training concepts.

Hafelekar´s assignment is to identify local potential partners, to provide them with information and to actively dessiminate the idea of MAMED. For this purpose goodpractice experiences and materials concerning medical equipment were exchanged between the transnational partners. Publication and translation ofdocumentary material in all participating languages is planned.

Project duration

October 2009 till November 2011

Project Partners