analysis of customer satisfaction

From 2009 till 2012 we assisted PRINOTH, the leading manufacturer of snow groomers. A major strength of the company is the constant work on the highest possible customer orientation in terms of product development, service and support. PRINOTH emphasizes the company’s vision to set new standards through continuous innovation and places great emphasis on excellent service networks.

Our role was to support PRINOTH in the measurement of customer satisfaction and, after evaluation of the results, to propose concrete recommendations for action.

Analysis of customer satisfaction, with the following topics:

  • Based on the PRINOTH vision and corporate objectives for the coming years, an initial analysis was performed by Hafelekar.
  • Together with PRINOTH then were also discussed possible targets to incorporate them into the set of questions of the customer satisfaction analysis.
  • PRINOTH has a very international customer base. Therefore, great emphasis was placed on a detailed workflow.
  • We also supported the project through our many years organizational know-how.
  • The evaluations in the field of customer satisfaction are by nature very complex, since there are many different topics to be included and make comparable.
  • A discussion on concrete areas of action concluded the survey.



Project duration

2009 and 2012

NRH e-Marketing

e-marketing concept for the Neue Regensburger Hütte

The Neue Regensburger Hut (NRH) is one of the most important bases of the Stubai High Trail which is an important economic factor in the Stubai Valley in summer and a central attraction of tourists hiking in the Stubai Valley. Yet, only a few hikers and local regulars visit the huts. This makes an economical survival difficult.

The challenge was accepted by Mr. Eder: A guest that is satisfied with a “dry place to sleep and a hot soup” is long gone and is nowadays rather looking for entertainment and activities before and after the tour, seeking increased comfort and activities. In this project, Mr. Eder, together with the supporting partners, met these trends and new challenges and was able to get through a strategic and very professional approach towards a long-term safety and attractiveness of the business.

The highlight of the project is a comprehensive marketing plan:

  • Website with online booking
  • Social media integration (especially Facebook, YouTube, Google Earth, etc.
  • Event and Event Calendar
  • seminar program
  • Newsletter Marketing
  • and much more

The successful repositioning of the NRH shows that even very small companies and businesses can profit by existing funding opportunities and by active support from the outside.


Thomas Eder (tenant)

Project duration



Advertising Agency – Ingmar Koehler


e-DMT – e-Direct-Marketing-Tool

The companies web-crossing and deepblue have succeeded in developping an innovative direct- and interactive marketing tool that meets all requirements of modern, electronic marketing. Defined objectives of the implementation phase were the programming, piloting and evaluation of the e-direct marketing tool (e-DMT) based on the contract specifications formulated in the concept phase.

This tool is an important process innovation in marketing because it was possible to combine existing technologies in a new product for effective e-marketing, a state-of-the-art communication and marketing tool. The overarching goal of being able to implement, by the use of new technologies, the tools of traditional marketing such as market segmentation and target group analysis in e-marketing, has been achieved.

The user is put by the e-DMT tool in a position to deal very effectively and precisely with target groups. Through feedback from the system via click behavior, e-mail open rates, etc. the profile of each person contacted becomes more sharply – the system is learning, so to say. Thus, the information that is sent to the target groups, becomes more accurate and more interesting and increases the acceptance. Major focus will be put not on mass or the most frequent contact as possible but on targeted and – for the respective target group – useful transmission of information. Through the creation of acceptance in the formed target group new functions and options will open up: dialogue marketing, customer loyalty programs, etc.

The following functions could be successfully integrated in the – to be developed – e-DMT tool:

  • SMS and MMS functionality
  • Dialog functionality
  • Segmentation and profile function
  • Template Generator
  • Synch function
  • import filters
  • Report Generator


Web-Crossing Ltd.

Deep Blue Europe Ltd.

Project duration

06.30.2010 to 30.11.2011


HAKOM Dienstleistungsges.m.b.H computer.